Ellie Tate

United Kingdom

Ellie Tate studied History and History of art joint honours at The University of Leeds before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an artist full time. She has lived in London for the last four years and now works from her studio at Thames Side Studios in Woolwich. Speaking about her work, she tells us, “I am inspired by the inner need to express and make visual what is non-visual and ineffable. The prospect of investigating the subconscious and delving deep in to the unfamiliar areas of the mind is endlessly motivating and exciting to me. I am influenced by many artists both past and present and I love to visit exhibitions and see work in the flesh and really close up. I am that annoying person who stands right up close to a painting and doesn’t move! My paintings originate from quick automatic drawings. I respond to a moment in time immediately through drawing and then attempt to immortalise the moment through painting. I enjoy linking the two processes; using pen to record a quick fleeting thought feeling or moment and then working slowly through it, investigating it with paint.”

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Artwork by Ellie Tate