Elizabeth Chalmers

United Kingdom

Elizabeth Chalmers was born in Northern Ireland, where she studied art and design at Belfast. She then began a very successful career as a pen and ink artist, specializing in buildings and townscapes. In later years, having moved with her family firstly to Cornwall, then Berkshire and subsequently to the Cotswolds, she turned to watercolour landscapes. Elizabeth Chalmers is an artist whose love of the English countryside shines through her delicate watercolour paintings. Now resident in the Cotswolds, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, her subjects include the fine historic villages and quaint old cottages in the surrounding area, as well as flower studies and landscape details. Elizabeth says: "I have always loved to draw and paint, even as a small child. I drew on everything - steamed up windows and the landing walls of my childhood home, which were painted in magnolia, a perfect base for drawing. This was not very popular! I am happiest when I have a pencil or paintbrush in my hand. The countryside still delights me - I love the curves of the landscape and the way the houses and villages grow out of the land. I prefer to paint on location, despite the vagaries of the British weather, and occasionally manage a trip to somewhere warm.  Italy, France and Spain, the Isles of Scilly and Barbados offer favourite subjects - geraniums on a Mediterranean balcony, or a quiet street corner, with the interplay of sunshine and shadows. I always knew I wanted to work as a painter." 

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