Eleanor Woolley

United Kingdom

British artist Eleanor Woolley studied sculpture at Leeds University, graduating in 2001. She is also a qualified cabinet maker and restorer. She now concentrates on painting which has become her passion, working in oils and taking inspiration from landscape and the human form. At the beginning of her process, Eleanor takes many photographs and then draws sketches from life, taking all of this material back to the studio to develop a composition. She works quickly, first creating outlines and adding bright colours, then working with brushes and palate knives, often cutting back into the painting surface and redrawing. Eleanor's paintings often have an impressionistic feel to them. She states: 'I love painting people in their surroundings, lately concentrating on working environments. Watching people and the intimacies between them is something I've become infatuated with. Capturing the rapport between people in their working relationships and their concentration on the work at hand is essential. The subtleties of body language are so interesting, and I love documenting the everyday things which we often miss.'

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