Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin

United Kingdom

The intensity of the drawn line and the marks are the focus of my work. Found and collected objects are used to draw with in printmaking and the composition and the marks made are informed by the personal relationship to the objects. There is an emphasis on an intuitive and process led approach to image making. The drawn elements enter into a dialogue with chance through etching methods which encourages random marks to happen. I am interested in this form of decomposition both in the image and in the metaphorical sense as a reflection of aspects of society. Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin was born in Denmark. She moved to the UK in 1994, completing a BA in Fine Art with Psychology in 1997. Following this she trained as an Art Psychotherapist. In July 2007 she finished her MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts

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Artwork by Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin