Edouard Buzon


Abstract Documentary Surrealist Contemporary
Abstract Documentary Surrealist Contemporary

"My purpose is not to define the story, but to give everyone a mysterious language to write his own story."

Edouard Buzon's work is characterized by flat surfaces with an impeccable varnish finish. Fascinated by abstract painting, the self-taught artist has shaped his own tools throughout his career in order to achieve his plastic goal. Paying particular attention to color, he selects the raw pigments that make his painting so intense. His works are then meticulously polished in his studio, before being protected from the slightest particle of dust. If painting remains his first passion, Edouard Buzon has nevertheless not hesitated to invest in photography. By making sporadic use of it, he has created singular compositions where the spectator's eye is permanently solicited by many fragments of various images. In Buzon's alternative worlds, seaside resorts buildings get along with isolated animals, lost strollers, and different varieties of exotic plants. These unexpected connections give his work a singular poetic force. However, this use remains anecdotal: "I love photography, it has always fascinated me. But it is not my medium." acknowledges the artist. "I need to appropriate things, images and do it with my hands, armed with colors that I make myself from pigments. Photography is only a step in my work.". Filled with strange and dreamlike landscapes, Edouard Buzon's work is an interior travel diary populated with silent and anonymous characters. Represented from behind, they invite us to join them in their poetic wanderings.

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