Didier Lourenço

United Kingdom

Lourenço was born in Premià de Mar, Barcelona. He began his career as an apprentice in his father’s atelier where he learned the art of lithography. In 1988, Didier created a space in the atelier dedicated to painting. Dividing his time between painting and creating lithographs for himself and other professional artists he honed his talent. His father’s atelier would prove to be his best classroom, a place where Didier would master the art of fine art printing and painting. His dedication resulted in his first solo show at age 20. In 1991 Lourenço won a prestigious prize for young artists making a breakthrough into many galleries throughout Spain showing in various solo and group exhibitions. In 1995, Lourenço moved into his own studio, where he would devote himself to painting, but never stop making lithographs. His work is endlessly optimistic, with jewel-like colours. Often, the only character engaging the viewer is Lourenço’s idea of the ‘universal woman’, Inspired by Picasso, Modigliani and Matisse, she is everyone and no one.

Galleries Showing Didier Lourenço’s Work

Artwork by Didier Lourenço