Diane Hadden

United Kingdom

Diane Hadden is a painter who lives and works in West Cornwall and has done since 1999. She studied Fine Art in painting/printmaking at HCHE, Hull from 1985-88 and then completed a post-graduate in fine art at Cyprus College of Art from 1988-89. Over the last four years, Diane's artworks have been focusing on representing her time spent in the countryside where she lives. Diane Hadden states, "My paintings are done in oils using a rich palette of colour. I enjoy the warm sharp clear light of the Mediterranean which has a lasting evocative memory to me. After completing my postgraduate in Cyprus I pedaled home by bicycle across Europe. Crossing many high mountains particularly Delphi in Greece has left me with a strong affinity to the changing light and panorama of dramatic landscapes." "During the last year, I have made work about the Cornish landscape. I have made a series of work about St Michael’s Mount which I consider to be one of the wonders of the world. More recently I have been drawn to the quieter half-light of winter gently changing into the increasing brightness of spring and summer. This awe and love of space and colour drive me on to continue painting."