Abstract (geometric)
Abstract (geometric)

Denitza’s paintings are often made as story constructed canvases; exploring the forms of our surroundings, cities, architecture, landscapes and the state of arrested development that somehow typically occurs in an urban environment. Denitza states “I like examining the human relationship with nature and our urban habitats; how the two interact, how they affect us and how one is directly entwined with the other. I’m fascinated by the contrast between the natural landscape and the world created by us. Cities as complex urban incubators, images of poor neighbourhoods, ruined houses, graffiti and wires coming out of them and the space between that world and the world of corporate, shiny glass and metal modern architecture. Often both of those worlds are just minutes away from each other and yet so hard to combine without being too literal or illustrative.” The most interesting part about Denitza’s technique is probably the fact that she paints in a similar way as Jackson Pollock did. they both walk around the canvas and pour the paint on its surface in a similar fashion. Danitza uses a black background, crossing shiny lines and create explosions of light spots with often just one “favourite” brush.

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