David Jones

United Kingdom

David Jones' art draws on Matisse's life drawings. He belongs to the Oxford Art Society and exhibits locally and in London with Wychwood Art.  David’s drawings on the human form depict our different emotions and feelings, expressed simply through a few lines. “After 2 major brain operations 20 years ago, an artist friend suggested life drawing to help with memory problems. I use a technique known as Zen drawing - as each line is drawn, one only looks at the subject (the model) and not the paper. The line is drawn on the out breath for best concentration, power and control. I hope that as you look at these line drawings you can 'draw' them again with me. To breathe slower and smoother with each line. The poses are usually between 1 and 5 minutes (max 10). Sometimes there’s time for more than one completed work of the same pose, as measuring is not required as in 'normal' life drawing. Permanent artist ink marker pen is used, so no fading or damage possible. The work is signed with my initials within a monogram in the shape of a fish/whale. Thanks to so many for helping me.”

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Artwork by David Jones