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Impressionist Contemporary
Impressionist Contemporary

David has been painting for over five decades and sold his first painting at the age of twelve. Alongside his successful and colourful life as an artist, David had a thirty-year career in public service in Brisbane Queensland, only becoming a full-time dedicated professional artist after he retired from politics some years ago. To watch David paint live is to observe a talented genius at work. With no obvious external reference to work from, just the image from within his mind, the painting will take form uniquely and instantly. David’s work ethic and practise is finely tuned and impressive. The “Contemporary Impressionist” paintings have a unique quality that is completely recognizable as a “ David Hinchliffe.” There is nostalgia for a city you love, serenity for a calming landscape, excitement and warmth for a rainy day and a splattering of romance in many of his works! To travel the world with David Hinchliffe is to see the world through the wonderful images he creates along the way. The richness of his life is shared with the viewer and the energy he exhibits is palpable in the paintings. Works from around the world are recognizable in all his collections. David has a love of commissions and craves to capture the image and the essence of a destination for the client. He listens and watches and turns a painting into an emotional beauty. David has had exceptional successful exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally around the Globe. He is passionate about art and when not painting himself, he is investing and collecting indigenous artwork; “Selling my own art enables me to purchase for my Indigenous Collection.” David has generously loaned many of his indigenous paintings to institutions so that the general public can share and enjoy important Australian works. He is a true philanthropic Australian artist.

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Battersea Autumn
Battersea, London - Autumn: 20 - 23 October 2022
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