David Caldwell

United Kingdom

David Caldwell is a fine art photographer who loves to experience the rugged beauty of natural landscapes, swirling mountain mists, snow & ice, torrential rains, and thunderous waterfalls. There is a strong sense of mood and presence in his work, sometimes dramatic, sometimes serene and texture and form play a strong part in bringing these qualities to the forefront. Caldwell is part of the duo ‘Mr.C and Mr.D’ along with his lifelong friend Philip Durell. The two have travelled the world to capture the grandeur of dramatic and remote landscapes on camera. Caldwell comments, “I hope that in viewing my landscape photography, we will be reminded to take time out and relax and reacquaint ourselves with nature.  Mr.C and Mr.D aim to capture a distinct mood, unique to each location. They are inspired by the beauty and atmospherics of natural locations where there is minimal intervention by man. Places that evoke a genuine meditative and calming space combined with certain otherworldly qualities. They first exhibited ‘Nowhere to Somewhere’ at the Menier Gallery, Central London, in 2018.

Galleries Showing David Caldwell’s Work

Artwork by David Caldwell