Dave Earle

United Kingdom

Dave Earle artwork is an attempt to deconstruct the normative oppositional binaries associated with urban landscapes. By exploring the diversity embedded within inner-city environments, his drawings demonstrate how modern cities can embody creativity, innovation and development whilst simultaneously producing a platform for destruction and disorder. The result is works that maintain an honest and critical analysis and yet still manage to encapsulate the colourful and energetic nature of contemporary urban landscapes. "In order to be progressive, I try to be as experimental as possible when creating art and thus utilize a variety of techniques and processes to help me capture on a flat canvas the best possible description of a space. When initially photographing the scene I look up, down, left and right whilst moving forwards, backwards and to each side. This process, alongside my adoption of several horizon lines, curvilinear and linear perspectives, as well as an array of vanishing points when drawing, enables me to create art which is not only distinctive but also best describes the intricate details and nuances within a given space.