Dave Buonaguidi

United Kingdom

Dave Buonaguidi combines the visual and verbal language of advertising and propaganda with the unique imagery and materials of found objects and ephemera. With a background in the advertising industry, his artist career was kickstarted by his iconic ‘Make Tea Not War’ poster for the 2003 anti-war march. Dave has since forged his signature style through a juxtaposition of found material such as maps, letters and banknotes, with bold overlaying text brandishing emphatic statements, playful colloquialisms or heart-warming invitations.Dave employs a reactive approach, using screenprint to respond to cultural issues and events in real time, like a publisher going to print. Bringing together the known and unknown, a splash of humour and a smattering of controversy, he hopes to incite an emotional connection or reaction from the viewer.  “My approach to creativity is to be very quick but also to be reactive, I like that instantaneousness. As an artist I believe you have a role to respond quickly, and I think you can do something more than just create a nice picture, this is why I come at it with a message based intention."

Galleries Showing Dave Buonaguidi’s Work

Artwork by Dave Buonaguidi