Dana Finch

United Kingdom

Dana Finch has lived in Devon, Liverpool, Oxfordshire, Scotland and London and also spent periods abroad in Scandinavia, Spain, and India. At the end of 2015, Dana moved to West Cornwall, after completing a transformational year-long Mentoring Course at the Newlyn School of Art, and then began to paint in a studio at the beautiful Trewidden Gardens near Penzance. Throughout her life, Dana has painted, and although her degree at Dartington in 1996, was in more installation-based art, she has always returned to painting. Her work is inspired by travels and landscapes in wild and wonderful places. The plant kingdom holds immense fascination for Dana, and her work is about her relationship to the natural world, not as a representation but as a kind of absorbing experience, which she hope will resonate with the viewer. Memory plays a big part in the way Dana approaches painting. Glimpses of light, forms, shadows and shapes stay in her mind to be recalled, sometimes years later. "I may not know quite where they come from, but the emotional resonance is still there. I spent most of my childhood summers roaming around Spain with my parents, in a seemingly endless road trip across vast, ochre plains punctuated by gardens of unimaginable beauty and tranquility. My current work is a response to the memories of those places and that time."

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