Dan McDermott

United Kingdom

Dan McDermott's dynamic and expertly executed paintings have a haunting familiarity although the references may not be immediately identifiable. His extensive body of work is drawn from an expanding archive of images, frozen frames from film and television, emotionally resonant from their entrapment within the decades in which they were born and forgotten. The resulting image often seems familiar, but its references are evasive, creating a sense of déjà vu and investigating the ways in which individual significance is forged and shaped by time. The final choice of image will have gone through several layers of processed visual media which McDermott is somehow able to capture in the fast and energetic application of paint. McDermot is interested in what could be called the “present moment-ness” of these past events captured on film. McDermott is based in London and has forged an impressive portfolio since graduating from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle. He has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and Internationally. After 15 years, he returned to academic study, gaining an MA with distinction in 2010 from City and Guilds of London Art School.

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Artwork by Dan McDermott