Dairo Vargas

United Kingdom


Colombian-born Dairo Vargas’ passion for art began at an early age. Inspiration and encouragement nurtured his confidence. Since accepting his first commission at sixteen, his style has become bolder and increasingly explorative. Dairo’s new project directly confronts the vulnerability of the physical human condition whilst offering the potential for its spiritual journeying. On canvas, the artist provokes us to consider the ultimate values of love, life, death and all else that we go through as sentient beings. The powerful raw bodies further challenge our beliefs regarding the material form and ask if it is possible to release it from pain and suffering. The dance, movement and flight in the paintings fully realise such liberation and freedom from worldly desires, by contemplating a body that doesn’t carry any burdens. Dairo is a professional graphic designer with many years’ experience in the Advertising industry. Having graduated in 2008 from the Kensington and Chelsea College of Art, he has been pursuing his talent and passion for Fine Arts ever since. Dairo’s artwork is regularly exhibited in London; and, on the international stage, he’s taken part in several shows within Europe and Latin America.

Galleries Showing Dairo Vargas’s Work

Artwork by Dairo Vargas