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Cristina Ramos



Cristina Ramos is a fine art and wedding photographer from Spain based in Uppsala, Sweden. Born and raised in Zaragoza she attended the Fine Arts school in University Complutense of Madrid.

Because of her family's interests in the arts, she spent all her childhood painting and drawing and started getting interested in photography in her teenage years by coming across some photo-exhibitions. Starting with landscape and portrait photography, learning and developing technical skills, soon felt she needed to take a step further, so she started considering the camera not just a tool to capture the place or the moment in time, but a tool to capture her imagination. She began re-creating through photography the concepts she was walking around with, and working on in her painting projects, and nowadays, both photographic and painting languages constitute in equal parts her mean of expression.

Laying between fiction and reality, and through a visual storytelling approach, her images confront the psychological aspects of the fairytale. Inside magnetic and surreal scenes, these visual stories emphasise concepts such as the idea of passion, memory, trauma, the human relation with oneself and one's habitat, or the representation of universal feelings such us fear, desire, etc. And she reflects on these real human aspects through a surreal visual perspective.

Cristina has exhibited her work widely in solo and group shows across Spain and Sweden, winning awards in Stockholm, Paris and Spain.

Artist's statement:
"I like to bend the idea of reality trying to show how things can be looked at differently. Creating alternative realities, and reaching for something deeper than the daily reality that traps us, are needs I satisfy through my work. And I do it without limits, the only rule is that there are no rules, I just want to imagine with no boundaries and as long as I can, materialise it. Escaped from illusion, but located in tangible surroundings her works, helped by their cinematic aesthetic and theatrical light, are infused with a unique narrative that unlocks an unexpected mystery that invites the viewer to read the messages while diving in the story, and creating their plot of the scene from their own experience.

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