Colin Moore

United Kingdom

Colin Moore was born on the Clyde coast of Scotland in 1949. He studied architecture in Glasgow, and, following an international career in architecture and design, has worked mainly as a painter and printmaker since 2004. Colin has lived in Spain, Venezuela and London and currently lives in Dorset, England where the spectacular coastal landscape has provided artistic inspiration. His book, 'Propaganda Prints: art in the service of social and political change', was published by Bloomsbury in 2010. Colin works a lot with linocut printing, a technique using linoleum as a print matrix. In printmaking terms linocut is termed 'reductive' in that each successive layer is carved away from the linoleum and printed over the last. This means that it is impossible to make changes to the work once it has begun. Linoleum has been used in art printing since the early 20th century but is probably best known following its use by Picasso in the late 1950s. Picasso was an avid printmaker who experimented with creating multiple colour linocut prints using a single block of linoleum. Colin makes a lot of use of colour in his prints, his many seascapes and landscapes are multi-layered and build from light colours through to dark which creates a nuanced tonal range and brings the work together as a whole.

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