Clemens Büntig


Classic Pop Art Expressionist Contemporary
Classic Pop Art Expressionist Contemporary

I build a nest for Mr Chance and invite him to collaborate.

Clemens Büntig was born 1968 in San Francisco/USA. In the early 70s the family settled on a dwelling in Bavaria, South Germany. From early on Clemens had a special connection to nature. It was the Bavarian countryside which called him back after ten years of traveling and living in Switzerland, Spain and New York. This is where he worked as a printmaker for Aldo Crommelynck in the Spring Street workshop of Pace Prints. After several years of offering printing services for artists like Ed Rusha, Richard Serra, Jim Dine or in his own printshop 'Clemens Büntig Editionen' for Sean Scully and others, he decided to put full focus on his own art. Besides creating masterful prints in classical relief and intaglio techniques, his latest works consist of remarkable combinations of printing, painting and drawing techniques. Especially his feel for color and composition and his playful and experimental approach combined with thirty years of printmaking expertise, make Büntigs work well known and unique amongst lovers of works on paper. His work is found in many private and public collections like the New York Public Library, the British Museum or the Montefiori Fine Arts Foundation.

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Brussels: 22 - 26 September 2021
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Hamburg: 11 - 14 November 2021
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