Claudia Mächler


Abstract Figurative Realist Expressionist
Abstract Figurative Realist Expressionist

The theme of Claudia Mächler’s work is the human being. In its entirety or as a portrait. Her paintings interrogate classical notions of idealised beauty. In each of her paintings one intensely feels her enthusiasm for constantly changing creative processes underlying each work. In her art she resolutely seeks a combination of different painted states. She explores all manner of strategies, from delicate patterning to gestural strokes with the brush. In her choice of motifs she often returns to people she is close to. She records moments and interprets them such that the viewer can participate in her emotions. These are close-ups of a feeling. Mächler traces fractures that then coalesce into new associations, from abstraction to the representational. As she proceeds, naturalistic elements serve as anchors of authenticity. These fractures do not coincide by accident: Claudia Mächler is concerned with creating a harmonious conjunction of states. Her atmospheric portraits capture the essence of the individual.

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