Clare Grossman

United Kingdom

As a painter and printmaker my artwork focuses on the search for an essential energy – the essence of a chosen subject. The vital energy of the land and the constant movement of the skies above are used as a personal language to convey a moment in time, a specific note on a journey travelled. An exploration of contrasts, a sense of place, visited, recorded and remembered, offer the starting point to my work. “The ‘mirror’ tree prints are a new departure into a visual language conveyed through duplicating images of old statuesque Italian Pine trees, using solar plate etching as a means of expression. Using this type of etching technique combined with my love for monotype printing, I have found a way of producing limited edition prints. The unusual rhythms and colour combinations in nature have been the starting point for several new works and travel both to near and far destinations have brought a variety of compositions as a starting point to my printmaking.” These are the images I search for and find, in the most ordinary and extra ordinary of destinations. The very act of printmaking with its varied repertoire and moments of chance, offer up a personal language full of exciting and ever changing possibilities.

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Artwork by Clare Grossman