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Claire Luxton



Claire Luxton's practice is diverse and encompasses a variety of mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture. Through the qualities and properties of the materials that she uses, Claire explores the way in which their physicality can occupy a given area creating striking and large-scale works. Often drawing inspiration from site-specific locations, her work aims to powerfully alter and interact with particular spaces or environments.

As well as Claire's practice being centered on the exploration of space, her paintings and sculpture have a very direct symbiotic relationship with her photography. Her photography is generally centred on the exploration of ‘self’, in the form of expression, transition, transformation and physicality. This in turn directly communicates with the rest of her practice, one informing the other, drawing form, from the nuances’ of aesthetic, energy and atmosphere.

Claire is constantly challenged and captivated by the way in which the materials and processes she uses evolve differently through her practice, The way she personally interacts with her painting, sculpture and photography, involves her being very physical, and often uncomfortable and it is this dynamic and energy that is key to the development of her practice.

Degree Art, London
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