Christopher Rainham

United Kingdom

Figurative Contemporary Illustrative
Figurative Contemporary Illustrative

Christopher Rainham has always been intrigued by the natural world. More specifically, he’s interested in the way society interacts with the wild and the effects we have on the environment. The birds in his paintings are the motif of his designs and the object of his composition. His work tends to be covered with a range of earth colours, including brown, ochre, blue or grey. All of his work starts with a drawing, usually directly onto a primed canvas or board. Rainham loves the material qualities of paint, what it does, how it feels, smells, how in painting and drawing materials change and adapt, and try to become something else in becoming a painting. Rainham also enjoys his work in education, as he has the opportunity to spark ideas in someone else’s mind. This exchange of thought through painting is what inspires him. He is also inspired by the way flora and fauna is woven into language.

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