Christine Guillemin



Born in 1955 in Paris and brought up in a family where sensibility to art is omnipresent, Christine Guillemin initially started expressing her creativity in the world of advertising and communication, a career she pursued for 15 years. With bronze as medium of choice, her pieces convey expressions of both the heart and soul,inhabiting distinct and slender silhouettes, through graceful movements and the creation of a singular atmosphere. Christine Guillemin launched a first series of works at the “Villa d’Alésia” in Paris and learned from artist Jonathan Hirschsfeld whom she met in 1993. Through gathered experience, sculptures took form within the spontaneity of gesture; emotions, freely and with elegance and an intimate approach. Christine Guillemin’s sculptures are exhibited worldwide as well as in Paris.

Galleries Showing Christine Guillemin’s Work

Artwork by Christine Guillemin