Christina Sadler

United Kingdom

Abstract Classic Documentary Impressionist Contemporary
Abstract Classic Documentary Impressionist Contemporary

Christina Sadler is an abstract artist based in Gloucester. Working under the name Maker Who Doesn’t Make she creates paintings inspired by the natural world that soothe, relax and calm. The physical act of painting is important in creating each piece. Working with inks, watered down paints and pigments she creates layers of translucent colour that flow over the paintings. She manipulates the materials, sometimes allowing them move freely and other times directing them into a space. Therefore creating a balance of control between paint and painter. She says. “I’m inspired by the natural world and how its uncertainty is similar to what people experience in day to day life; how you can control some things but not everything. This is reflected in the way I paint, allowing the mediums to flow and drip but then removing or altering the layers. Christina believes that creating and viewing art can improve your wellbeing: I get immense enjoyment from painting, when I am making I feel better, less anxious and restful. Viewing art can make you feel like this too and I believe the calmness I feel when painting translates into my work. I am fascinated by the connections others make with my paintings and the memories or feelings it evokes in them. Therefore I tend to provide suggestions rather than dictate what a piece is. Having graduated with a first class degree in Fine Art, dreaming of being an artist, she exhibited in group shows and even exhibited on the London Underground. After working in different cultural organisations, surrounding herself with the arts and creative people and shouting about the benefit of art and creativity, she slowly stopped creating for herself. Deciding to focus on work and family, the making stalled. She had always seen herself as creative but wasn’t actually making; a Maker Who Doesn’t Make. It wasn’t until her Grandmother passed away and she struggled to cope that she had an urge to start making again, she knew she felt better when she was making art and it gave her enjoyment. She wanted to share this with others but also wanted to feel the benefit herself. Fast forward and she’s now creating for a living, most recently making artwork to create a tranquil space in a hospital mental health room and hosting a pop up shop selling her art in John Lewis.

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