Christian Dorey


Pop Art
Pop Art

Originally from Vancouver, Christian Dorey has been living in Montréal since 2001. He graduated the Fine Arts department of Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in 1998. Inspired heavily by pop art and expressionism movements, Dorey nourishes his works with fragments of pop culture, coming from music and cinema to political icons. We witness the sheer reality of a moment of desire, power, or danger... He uses different techniques from silkscreening to collages, to enable him to express his ideas more elaborately where he is always in search of new materials and techniques. He collects local materials as he travels to reflect his personal intuition and political engagement to that place. The themes of revolution and position of power and dominance lie beneath his paintings that he also addresses as a critic to the American imperialism. He is in search of the spiritual identity, however in denial of religious meaning of his own name, by signing his paintings with a single X or X-ian ro eliminate its religious aspect.

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