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Christian Blanck



Christian Blanck was born in 1975 in Germany. Originally a strategy consultant, he decided to turn his hand to photography after seeing his two sons playing with his old childhood toys. This gave rise to his ‘Childhood Heroes’ series, a series of photographs showing old car toys arranged in colourful and geometric patterns.

His work however goes beyond the literal and aims to explore his own journey from childhood to adulthood and what the passing of time truly means. The ‘heroes’ as he calls the cars, have missing doors, their paint is peeling, they are dented and scratched - but it doesn’t matter. All these imperfections symbolise all the 'love hours' spent playing with them in his own youth. Blanck explains his interest in children's toys as due to their taking on new meaning; the importance of personal possessions to the child and how this goes beyond any intrinsic value to become priceless, particularly when the object can be passed on down the generations. Christian's work bubbles with symbolism, colour and playfulness.

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