Chris Lyter

United Kingdom

Chris Lyter was born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA. The artist paints contrasting dynamic colours with a combination of smooth, thin brushstrokes and areas of thick, textured ones to produce artworks that almost look three-dimensional. Chris exhibited in galleries, venues, and private collections throughout the US and, in recent years, in the UK. "Rather than a depiction of any particular thing, person, or place, my paintings are intended to conjure feelings, emotions, and moods. They are a place to lose oneself in thought and contemplation. They are a window into another place where one might experience serenity… confusion… peace… violence… stillness… energy…mystery… and life. With my art I am not espousing a message or making a statement. I am creating a place where one can escape the stress and monotony of everyday life, where the imagination can be stimulated, and where one can find his or her own meaning".

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