Chong Soon Leong


Abstract Classic Figurative Documentary Realist Expressionist
Abstract Classic Figurative Documentary Realist Expressionist

Chong Soon Leong is an emerging artist from Malacca. The young painter graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol, in 2014. Since then, Leong has participated in a few group exhibitions under G13 gallery. In 2017, the showcase exhibition, entitled Peekaboo, featured seven oil paintings from the artist. 'Peekaboo', just like the name suggests, is inspired by an infant game which serves as a reflection on the future generation of Malaysia by the artist. Through 'Peekaboo', Leong highlights the children’s innocence through a series of cheerful portrayal of children in playful poses. Leong portrays mostly full-figure portraits of children. The artist also implements a lot of colourful cultural imageries in the background while being balanced by white carving and scratching to counter-balance the space of the painting. Children are his primary subject as they are not bounded by race, skin colour, religion, custom and beliefs. Through his artwork, Leong would like to convey the message of peace, harmony and unity within the people of Malaysia which practices different culture and belief since its independence.

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