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Chloe Kelly



Chloe Kelly is currently preparing her BFA at Central Saint Martins, London and is due to graduate in 2020.

Inspired by surrealism, the process of sampling music, dreams and the exploration of the subconscious, Chloe's collages are built up naturally and without intent at the outset. Sourcing images from the internet and her own personal travels, Chloe slides the images around comparing the process to the experience of using a Ouija board, exploring compositions until it all clicks together and the images feel as if they had never been apart. It is only once the final composition has fallen into place that she really understands the ideas and thought processes that she has been exploring. Chloe believes we use our imaginations to build spaces that are safe, completely out of reach from reality, where we can exist without anxiety, in a way that is similar to her methods of collaging.

Through her work she hopes to explore the way in which our minds work when they are not being used with purpose. In an age of constant distraction, having the time and space without phones, television, the internet, can be intimidating and for many of us triggers anxiety, but it exactly during this time that Chloe believes our minds are at their most creative. Accidental connections are made, memories rise to the surface when we allow ourselves to roam free. Chloe aims for her audience to be able to indulge in this, an inspiration to explore our own internal landscapes so that we can collectively understand more of ourselves and live a healthier existence.

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