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Charlotte Bracegirdle



Charlotte Bracegirdle works with images that already exist. They are all reproductions, digitally mass produced in books, postcards or prints. 

The printed surface is usually glossy, a perfect even finish, but the paint disrupts this surface, leaving a shadow where once was a person or an object holding that person. It creates a tiny rip in the surface of the world, a new physical layer. The brush strokes weave a new narrative.

By erasing elements in the photographs - Charlotte subverts the narrative to get a new meaning. The altered image is unnerving. The moment is suspended the instant before misadventure. The interference is not always obvious... to some, it creates a double-take. It could take any form depending on the original image.

Sometimes the impact is multiplied when the artwork is well-known, but this is not always the case. Often the narrative is about loss, fear and lack of control. However, in these works, Charlotte is controlling the scene and taking it away from the original artwork. Charlotte is somewhat a mischievous interventionist - like the trick where the tablecloth is whipped away, leaving the tea cups in place.

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