Charles Hayden Taylor

United Kingdom

Pop Art
Pop Art

A vibrant undertaking of some of society’s most pressing issues, the work of Haydn Taylor uses the intimacy of home interiors to discuss both personal human dilemmas as well as broader issues ranging from government surveillance to the effect of mental health on individual behaviour. A modernisation of the classic British pop art of the 1960’s, Haydn Taylor utilises key themes from well known artworks to relate back to the central idea of each piece. By combining the recognisable domestic interiors with his own bold, block colours, Haydn Taylor has created his own world where the pre-generational figures exist in such a way as to comment on the negative progression that has formed in parts of society, also creating a striking visual paradox. Having graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2018, Haydn Taylor has since exhibited in influential art cities from London to Florence and is also a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene on the island of Jersey, where he was born. Previous collaborations include creating album artwork for singer, songwriter Louis III, whose song ‘Anywhere’ with DJ duo Sigma has over 70 million listens. He was also one of five winners of the Unsigned prize for illustration run by Bartle Bogle Hegarty in 2020.

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