Charles Alexis


Abstract Abstract (geometric)
Abstract Abstract (geometric)

The past defines us, but current topics proposed by Charles Alexis are part of today's benchmarks. The artist takes us into the deconstruction of our vision of everyday life. Charles Alexis has been exploring canvas painting for 15 years. It is after studies in graphic design that he is passionate about this art, by which he explores colors and textures. Through the eyes of others, he takes photographic scenes, which he revisits and decomposes into an assembly with Cubist influences. His inspirations come from Mirò, Basquiat, Bacon and Picasso. Charles Alexis has several exhibitions to his credit, including four group exhibitions where he has twice received the Jury Prize and two honorable mentions. In addition to continuing his experiments in painting, he explores other mediums, such as collage and illustration. Charles Alexis creates for the viewer a touching and surprising universe, just waiting to be visited.

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