Catherine Kirkwood

United Kingdom

Catherine Kirkwood was born in New York City and spent most of her childhood in Connecticut. Knowing she wanted to be an artist from a very early age, she studied Art at Syracuse University, California College of the Arts and the University of New Mexico where she received a Master’s Degree in Painting. She has continued to paint and illustrate over the years, and recently wrote and published an award-winning children’s book Looking for Tula. She has two daughters and two dogs, and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband. ‘My work has always been rooted in realism and my inspiration comes from Nature. I want to carry a sense of the beauty and intricacy I see in the natural world into my paintings. I grew up on the East Coast close to Long Island Sound. I spent a lot of time by the water and am an avid swimmer. Much of my work has revolved around water and the fascination I find in the reflections and the movement on the surface as well as the things beneath. In my Flora and Fauna series I layer images, leaving some pure, flat colour and making some of the images better defined. I find that this is a way of composing a painting that is more lyrical and free floating than my realistic water paintings. I have been using flowers, birds and animals that are a part of my daily life and I weave them into paintings that are almost like fabric designs.’