Carolyn Carter

United Kingdom

After completing a degree in illustration, Carolyn Carter moved to the beautiful city of Bath and has been living and working there for the past 17 years. Graduating in 2000, she has since worked as an in-house artist for two greetings card publishers. Alongside her day job, Carolyn Carter has undertaken group and solo exhibitions displaying her original works, has exhibited in galleries and completed many individual commissions. Carolyn Carter works in a wide variety of media, her watercolour and acrylic paintings are rich in colour and light, and are often inspired by the countryside and wildlife around her, or fables and narratives that have captured her imagination. Carolyn Carter's recent bird paintings have explored the fascinating character of the creatures, their beauty and the significance of song and flight as metaphors for freedom.

Galleries Showing Carolyn Carter’s Work

Artwork by Carolyn Carter