Caroline Chappell

United Kingdom

Artist, Caroline Chappell's works have been carefully selected for sale by our Chief Art Curator Deborah Allan. "Living in the heart of England my local landscape includes bridle paths and drovers’ roads, ancient burial sites and stone circles, tracks and old hollow ways. Walking these well-worn paths, stopping to look listen and draw, I feel totally connected to the natural world, the earth and sky. Capturing that moment is the essence of my work. Using written notes as well as drawings to record that changing, moving place and time I can then recreate that sensation on canvas in the studio." Caroline Chappell has been been involved in making art all of her adult life. Although primarily a painter, her training in ceramics has given her work a very particular quality of form and space, underpinning a rich depth of colour and texture. Caroline Chapell's paintings can be found in public and private collections in UK, Greece and USA. Caroline has exhibited locally in groups and more recently in solo exhibitions, winning the North Oxfordshire Open Selected Newcomers Award in 2011.

Galleries Showing Caroline Chappell’s Work

Artwork by Caroline Chappell