Candice Li

Hong Kong

Impressionist Expressionist Contemporary
Impressionist Expressionist Contemporary

Candice Li, Hong Kong artist, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in Convention and Event Management. All through the years, Candice is very passionate about art where a degree can barely resolve her fondness towards art; thus, she continues to take multiple art-focused courses to fulfil her ever-growing love and ideas in art, after her university graduation. From her mentors, Wong Wing Cheong, Chan Chung Shu, Yiu Chi Leung, Leung Wing Hong, Ng Kwan Hei, Shen Ping and Louis Sai Keung Lo, guide Candice to explore through different variety of mediums for her art creations including painting, urban sketching, photography, ceramic sculptures and writing poems. For Candice, different forms of art is an essential element for an artist to express oneself! Candice devotes herself wholeheartedly to art. Artist Statement for The Placid Mind series Dao De Jing: "Goodness is like water, and water is good for all things without any argument." Sea is a form of water, it emphasizes both rigidity and softness, gentle yet powerful. While walking along the seashore and looking into the sea, with its natural colour and the sound of water clashes… the calmness and the tranquil feeling that it brings out, is like meditation which heals people without a footprint. In painting the form of water, Candice hopes that the painting will bring a moment of tranquility to its audience. Solo Exhibition 2019 Out of the Spotlight (photography & poem) Joint Exhibitions 2020 City Secrets: Urban Sketches of Hong Kong (Urban Sketching) 2020 Chaperone_Complement (Ceramic Sculpture) 2020 Hong Kong Heritage Sketchers 2nd Annual Exhibition (Urban Sketching) 2019 On Earth Festival 2019 (ceramic) 2019 Designinspire (urban sketch) 2019 Tsing Shan Road 303 (urban sketch) 2019 Made in Hong Kong (urban sketch) 2019 Heritage Fiesta (urban sketch) 2019 Mountain and Sea Living in Hong Kong (urban sketch) 2018 Hong Kong Heritage Sketchers 1st Annual Exhibition (urban sketch) 2018 A Travel Log of the Corner Stores in Cheung Sha Wan (urban sketch) 2017 A Year of Moments WaHaYeah Sketch Group's Annual Exhibition

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