Caio Locke

Caio Locke’s background in aquatint and dry-point etching has been formative in the development of his painting style. Art has always been central to his life, but it was only later, when Locke embarked on a legal career, that he knew for certain that painting was his calling. Since 2007, painting and design has been Locke’s full-time occupation and childhood memories between London and Rio provided much of his early inspiration.  Locke paints parallel or ‘parareal’ realities, that weave between reality and dreaming perception. Cities provide an endless resource for playing with imagination, space, ideas, time and depth. He moves through familiar architectural form, place and symbols towards abstracted shapes, as a means to find a deeper symbolism and a meeting point between the manmade and natural. Locke’s work has been exhibited and collected both internationally and in London. Recent commissions include sculpture designs, music covers and the beachwear designs for a Brazilian fashion label. His 3D designs received public attention through participation in major public art projects such as the Chakravarty Cup. Locke won the Landscape/Cityscape/Seascape Category Award in Jackson’s Open Painting Prize 2019. .

Galleries Showing Caio Locke’s Work

Artwork by Caio Locke