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Bruno Helgen



Bruno Helgen was born in 1959 in Paris and now lives and works between Paris and Bali.

He graduated from l'école Nationale des Beaux Art in Epinal (France). Until 1986 he was a photographer for the collective Press Agency. He then moved onto working in film production before starting his career in design in 1991.

Helgen's globes are fashioned from a combined amalgam of ancient recycled teak root systems, tamarind heartwood, state of the art resins, and for his black globes, volcanic sands from the black beaches of North Bali. The results are dictated by Helgen's vision; the science of the resins; the micro environments in which these long-dead trees both flourished and met their demise; the lineage of Balinese master carvers and craftsmen whose skills have been passed down to them through a long parade of generations.

Bruno Helgen's designs use local wood from Bali as teak. He then adjusts it to the beauty and the imperfections of the piece of wood. With a wooden base, he creates globes as well as furniture's (tables, chairs..), that he mixes with volcanic sand, lacquer and metals.

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