Bonnie And Clyde

United Kingdom

Pop Art Contemporary
Pop Art Contemporary

Since 2008 Bonnie and Clyde has been engaged in the practice of mixed media collage and screen print. Her method of working often begins with her photography taken with a rangefinder camera in cities that inspire and create emotional responses in her. Bonnie and Clyde is often drawn to urban environments, the sea and the people in their environments. She wants her art to consist of accessible modern speaking visual pictures that draw the viewer in and she uses layers of photo-montage to express this. Real elements are merged with texture, words and colour to create abstract scenes based around the social and political scene of the studied environment. She often uses typography, signage, objects and architecture in her work. She constructs collages initially using her photographs as a basis merged with layers of found images and textures. Bonnie and Clyde often prints separate elements onto semi transparent Japanese paper and montage onto large sheets of paper. She paints and mark-make using acrylics, inks, oil pastels, markers, letraset and screen-print building up to the finished piece. The collage is then deconstructed using the computer again to create the screen – print version of the collage. This is not a copy but a representation of the collage. FInally, she make a limited number of layers, one of which will be a giclee print and then various layers of block colour and glazes to add punch and texture to the print.

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