Bob Tabor

United Kingdom

Bob Tabor's work is a stunning juxtaposition of renaissance sculpture and modern graphic sensibility. It is romantic, emotionally intense and technically refined. It is a perfect combination of opposites that results in a breath-taking body of work called “Horse Whisperings”.  “The mass of a horse’s body becomes a sculpture when it’s bathed in natural light. Horses are able to find peace within themselves…” and then Bob Tabor is able to find the individual personality within. He has the ability to wait for the telling moment, to seize the second when two horses nuzzle, or turn their heads just so, or edge into the light so it reveals every sensuous sinew. He then eliminates every trace of the environment so that nothing distracts from the personality of the horse, and the negative space becomes as important as the subject.    Bob spent most of his life at the top of the advertising world. He honed his graphic sensibility working with the world’s best graphic designers, and his photographic skills working with the best photographers and directors. His work is in private collections and galleries worldwide.