Blandine Bardeau

United Kingdom

Blandine is a French born artist, who works and lives in London, Deptford. Her drawings, in particular, have become ephemeral, abstract sculptures that never existed: made-up of more or less recognisable fragments from jewellery pieces, jellyfish and other sea beauties, soft sculptures, plants and foods, they organically appear on the page as she goes along. Blandine uses mixed-media techniques on all of her pieces, in particular acrylic, oil, acetate, paper cut-out, latex, coloured pencil and felt-tip pen. She collects magazine cut-outs, and peels off and uses dry acrylic shapes, or brushstrokes on paper or acetate. She mostly works on paper, linen and translucent polyester. Her most recent drawing-collages have emanated from an old love and training in time-consuming, meticulous coloured pencil drawings, mixed with a freer, play-based collage technique.

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Artwork by Blandine Bardeau