Bill Jackson

United Kingdom

Abstract Minimalist
Abstract Minimalist

Bill Jackson's conceptualist arts education in the early 1970s at Coventry School Of Art continues to inform his thinking and work practice. Drawing or mark making in its widest interpretation is integral to his work. The mark, he states, either as an engineering drawing or a mathematical notation, is the beginning of the journey to new ideas. Artist statement: “ In 1986 I transitioned from photography and ventured into cyberspace, initially experimenting with early digital formats, combining them with analogue photography. Through this period major electronic mapping works included ‘Iconoclast’ and ‘The Journey of The Skin Man’. These were later used to illustrate the current concerns about photography at a symposium at The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in 1991. The print and publishing industry viewed digital as either a threat to or an opportunity for the creative industries. I fully embraced the changing tides and spent the next 20 years exploring ideas in the new technologies, producing multimedia installations in both physical and cyber spaces. I have won many international awards for my work in recent years and was the first photographer to receive three RPS International Print Awards. My work has been shown in the UK and worldwide including The National Portrait Gallery; The Photographers Gallery, London; The Brno Museum, Prague and the Museum Of Contemporary Arts in Argentina”.

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