Benjamin Rice

United Kingdom

Benjamin Rice has been a photographer for as long as he can remember. He comments, “When I was five, I borrowed dad’s camera and took a picture of some pink lupins in the garden. A week later, the envelope arrived back from the chemists and I could hardly believe the magic; the flowers were alive on the print but dead in the garden.” His goal is to present nature in a fashion that few have shown it before, by challenging the conventional approach of exhibiting landscape photography. After art school, he experimented with many camera techniques before becoming a photographic artist. He has travelled to nearly 60 countries in pursuit of the perfect location, before returning to his studio in London. Benjamin employs a massive physical scale combined with the exquisite precision of close-up detail, exploring the idea of nature managed; the fusion of nature with human intervention in prints up to 3m wide. He elevates elements that might at first appear to be mundane, to be more memorable; to highlight what many of us simply ignore as we pass by in our daily routine. His projects include a study of nature’s incremental re-possession of dry stone walls: a commentary on Japanese exterior horticultural design through the prism of the carefully parked bicycles: the majestic transformation visible over a year in a single urban cherry tree: a series of vertical - not horizontal - landscapes: an international exploration into different species of solitary trees: and an observation of how abandoned last-century American vehicles, given sufficient time, once again become works of art themselves.

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Artwork by Benjamin Rice