Benjamin McKay

United Kingdom

Benjamin McKay is a Street Artist/Painter living in South East London. He mainly paints with spray cans but uses mixed media to create a nice gritty concrete texture on the canvas. Texturiser, Acrylics, Paint Pens, Oil's and old emulsion! He grew up in a small town in South Wales and fell in love with graffiti around 1989 through his love for Hip Hop and the fact that drawing was pretty much the only thing he was any good at! His two bibles; 'Graffiti Art' and 'Spray Can Art' gave him the inspiration to practice and perfect his style. He paints commissions/portraits and loads of freelance work for clients including shop fronts, festivals, TV shows, theatre productions and charities. Benjamin current work is a study of the female form and face, looking at strong contrast and subtle colour. Each painting is created using different techniques.