Ben Allen

United Kingdom

Street Art
Street Art

Ben Allen lives and works in Cornwall. He has worked with many clients including Levis, Virgin, Channel 5 and The Hoxton Hotel. He has exhibited his paintings in venues and galleries internationally as well as selling to celebrities such as Richard Branson. Ben's work is inspired by textures found in everyday life, surrounding us on the streets and buildings, the rusting metals and corroded weather swept posters of the streets and billboards, peeling and fading, revealing layers that create a new image, unplanned and unpredicted. These notions bare comparison to Ben's working technique, as his works are largely unplanned, he describes his work as a visual ether of thought and suggestion, a silent dialogue of past, present and future. Working in a multitude of media and materials, some of his influences include comic book art, Japanese graphics, typography, physical communication, nature and the human condition. His work is in private collections throughout the UK, in Australia, New York, Barcelona, Japan.

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