Becca Clegg

United Kingdom

Abstract Pop Art Contemporary Illustrative
Abstract Pop Art Contemporary Illustrative

Becca Clegg BA is a painter whose work is inspired by dramatic panoramas of landscape. Her vibrant paintings use texture with bold coloured acrylic paint and inks, to produce random and intentional marks, forming compositions of the natural environment. She is drawn to patterns and outcrops of hills and rocks, and to blocks of colour and texture, created very often by huge swathes of flowers allowing her the opportunity to create great brushstrokes and splashes of colour to make the work sing. She keeps her paintings loose and semi-abstract to allow interpretation by the viewer, though gradually individual details of flowers and plants are developing within the pieces. She likes to feel they are pared down but loves the happy accidents that occur when she works with fluid paints and inks. Her "Fields of Flowers" paintings developed from this love of wild flowers and flower crops and their impact on the landscape that surrounds them. Poppy fields and Tulip fields are particular favourites.

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