BATO was born in Rome in 1977. A natural draftsman who experiments with various techniques and mediums, Bato's work encompasses paintings; sculptures in bronze, iron, steel, resin and clay; etchings, and even animated videos. Bato depicts the very essence of his subject matter in a fluid and spontaneous manner. Stimulated by his interest in jazz, improvisation and gestural painting are key features of his working method. His latest artworks are jungle themed, drawing inspiration from an in-depth study of zoology and the wild but also his love of the literary works of adventure writers such as Rudyard Kipling and Emilio Salgari. His subjects include lions, tigers, elephants, crocodiles and gorillas, simplified into essential forms using expressive colour and energetic lines or transformed into a stylised range of sculpted creations. In 2019-2020, the Tonino Guerra Museum in northern Italy hosted Bato’s solo exhibition “Jungle” featuring these latest animal paintings and sculptures.

Galleries Showing Bato’s Work

Artwork by Bato