Barry Kelly

United Kingdom

Born in 1982, Barry grew up on the edge of Dartmoor, yet close to the rugged coastline of the South Hams. He graduated from the University of Wales, Swansea in 2004 achieving a Fine Art BA degree. He is currently Head of Art and Design Technology at a specialist visual arts school in South Oxfordshire. Artist's statement: "As a seascape and landscape painter my aim is not to capture, but to celebrate the place I am painting instead. The way that light plays across the land and sea has always been a huge inspiration for my work. I grew up on the South Devon coast and much of what I paint is inspired by the exciting lines, dramatic shapes and varying textures of the coastline. My goal is to find the same feeling that made me stop and draw or photograph the scene in the first place. I try to paint my way back to that memory and stop when it gives me that feeling. Having moved to rural Oxfordshire, I am greatly inspired by the rolling landscape around the Thames river and beyond. My work not only aims to celebrate this beautiful scenery, but to reflect the energy and dynamism of the environment."

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