Bara Al-Jubouri

United Kingdom

Bara Al-Jubouri is an Iraqi born artist that started here photography career around 3 years ago when she began sharing her work on Instagram. Her photography is less about self-portrayal but about opening her life up to vital freedom to dream her own world. Bara's photography opens up a window into a comforting intimate world of expression and invites us to enter her world, to admire, inviting us to share these fragile moments with her to share. In that shelter, the young accountant harbours a mystical, tender world, like a haunted garden, populated by animals and plants. Only occasionally are people to be found, often only one hand, as if she would reach through a window in this wondrous world, like a visitor, but the go again. Or like the memory that there is still this world behind the camera. Baraa's photographs tell of empathy, the tender relationship with the animals with whom she and her family live together, the fragile beauty that she is able to discover in every corner. And yet they tell a story from the Golden Cage, their photos would not be the same without the circumstances in which they arise. So she writes under one of her pictures:

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